philzBoston 2005


In March 2005 I attended IBM Lotus Technical Conference in Boston, USA. As usual I tried to find some FBO before leaving home and arrange few flights in free time.


I rented planes from East Coast Aero Club - very nice! I planned to do checkout in Katana, and then fly it for few hours. I almost completed checkout, flew 2.8hr, but still needed to do some more landings. It's quite different view than in Cessnas inside ;-)


During free time after daily events I did of course some walks in the city. I must say I really like Boston - it's very "european". Well, maybye you would not come to that conclusion after seeing JUST those photos below, but this page is about flying. ;-)


Unfortunately, due to VERY strong winds my plane was damaged overnight, so I just did a checkout in Cessna 172 and flew to Marthas Vineyard.


One nice thing is that I bought MiniDV camera - Panasonic PV-GS120 - so I actually made more movies than photos this time. Right now I compiled 12 min video of the trip, but it takes 700MB compressed. I tried to encode it to QuickTime, here it is: flying over Boston, 14MB. This is older, non-color corrected version...

Flying activity:

  • 6 Mar: 1.7hr - checkout in Katana DA20-A1
  • 6 Mar: 1.1hr - checkout, need more time
  • 10 Mar: 1.2hr - checkout in C172
  • 10 Mar: 1.1hr - flight to Marthas Vineyard
  • 10 Mar: 1.3hr - and back