philzCoast to Coast 2004


In April 2004 I flew my longest crosscountry flight: around southern USA, together with my girlfried. I started in San Diego, California, picked up Marta on the way in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, then flew to Charleston, visiting National Parks on the way. After Charleston we flew around Florida, including Key West. Then we headed back to San Diego.

You will also find here day-by-day diary with photos, flying cost summary and some videos and slideshows.

Below you will find map of our journey. Light green and light blue are used to mark individual flight legs, as flown and recorded by Airmap. Yellow numbered marks show overnight stays.

Somewhere you will be able to see dithered blue lines under flight trail, those are actual planned legs in Jeppesen FliteStar. Not many of those is visible, it means flight went almost as planned, assuming last minute change in plans before takeoffs means "as planned".

Trip Trail

We were flying non turbocharged 1980 Cessna 172, rented from Anglo-American Aviation. This is the place where I trained for my PPL in April 2003.

I planned to buy Lowrance Airmap 500, but ended with Airmap 1000, when I compared both of them side by side in the shop. AM1000 has so much bigger screen. Additionally, I got another MMC card with International Jeppesen database, for use in Europe. Great!

This was my first real trip including living in tents, so I had to buy quite a lot of things, like tent, sleeping bags, camping stove etc.


You can check page of my friend, who completed his own coast to coast crosscountry in appril 2005 using same airplane - Cessna 172 N6ZP from Anglo-American Aviation.

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