philzCoast to Coast 2004

Trip Planning

In April 2004 I plan to fly my longest crosscountry flight so far. I'll start in California, fly to Florida and then back using more southerly route. I plan to travel together with my girlfriend Marta, who will join me in Los Angeles. We plan to sleep on on-airport camping sites where possible.

We will travel in non turbocharged 1980 Cessna 172, rented from Anglo-American Aviation. This is the place where I trained for my PPL in April 2003.

As for new stuff, I plan to buy Lowrance Airmap 500 and test it on the way. :-) This is also my first real trip including living in tents, so I had to buy quite a lot of things. ;-)

On March, 29th I posted message on rec.aviation.piloting, asking for suggestions. Here is news thread with responses. Thanks! I'll use it for changing route ASAP :-)

Some suggestions I'm thinking about:

  • Rething route over canyons. Too much too see :-)
  • And rething camping places there. I promised Marta some touring on foot, so we need to stop nearby park, on the other hand there are no camping places on airport and they are expensive...
  • Fly over Monument Valley
  • Think about skipping Grand Canyon (lot's of restrictions)
  • Stop on northern side of Smoky Mountains
  • Change airport in Charleston
  • Stop in St. Augustine (though about this before)
  • Visit Johnson Space Center in Houston (flying nearby on way back anyway)
  • Stop on BOTH T27 and 2E5, now it's broken below ;-)

Will have to talk those over with Marta. Four weeks is not much for actually seeing half of US, so we have to choose... But for weeks is almost as much vacation as we can take here - we have 26 working days per year available.




This is my current route plan, created with Jeppesen FliteStar VFR. Of course it does not generate such listings itself...

Of course it's very preliminary and will change depending on weather and last minute changes... In case of really bad weather on the way it can change a lot. ;-)

Although I modified my "real" plan with above suggestions, I haven't really had time to update following listings... Things went pretty fast this week.

From To
KSEE KHHR 102.3nm 0:57 9.3gal MZB OCN SLI
Todo: Pickup Marta from KLAX
KHHR KVGT 218.6nm 2:05 18.1gal POM HEC
Tour: Las Vegas
Next day
KVGT KGCN 190.6nm 1:50 16.3gal  
Tour: Grand Canyon National Park
KGCN KBCE 127.4nm 1:11 10.5gal PGA
Tour: Bryce Canyon National Park
Next day
Tour: Zion National Park
Next day
KBCE KCNY 140.1nm 1:18 10.8gal HVE
Tour: Arches National Park
Next day
Tour: Canyonlands National Park
Next day
KCNY KCEZ 102.4nm 0:58 9.1gal DVC
Tour: Mesa Verde National Park
KCEZ KTCC 310.9nm 2:58 22.5gal DRO SAF ACH
Next day
KTCC 2O8 258.6nm 2:27 19.0gal TCC PNH SYO
2O8 KHOT 266.1nm 2:32 20.1gal IRW MLC PGO
Tour: Hot Springs National Park
Next day
KHOT 33M 177.6nm 1:40 15.0gal HOT LIT UJM
33M KBWG 242.7nm 2:17 19.9gal HLI JKS GHM BWG
Tour: Mammoth Cave National Park
Next day
KBWG KMMI 131.9nm 1:14 11.6gal BWG HCH
Tour: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Next day
KMMI KJZI 286.6nm 2:41 22.9gal HRS ELW IRQ ALD
Tour: Charleston
Next day
KJZI X21 282.4nm 2:37 24.2gal SVN SSI CRG SGJ OMN
Tour: J.F. Kennedy Space Center
Next day
X21 KLNA 148.8nm 1:23 13.4gal MLB VRB KPHK
Tour: Palm Beach
Next day
KLNA X51 77.0nm 0:42 7.5gal VKZ
X51 KEYW 100.5nm 0:56 9.1gal KMTH
KEYW X01 110.2nm 1:02 9.8gal KMTH
Meeting: Day or two with friend from Warsaw training for his PPL
Next day
X01 48X 133.6nm 1:15 11.4gal KMKY CYY RSW PGD SRQ
48X KDTS 305.6nm 2:55 23.3gal PIE CTY PFN
KDTS KNEW 188.8nm 1:47 15.2gal GPT
Tour: New Orleans
Next day
KNEW 60R 317.0nm 2:58 26.1gal RQR KLFT LCH DAS
Next day
60R E30 213.9nm 2:01 18.4gal GRK LZZ
E30 2E5 287.6nm 2:42 24.0gal MAF INK CNM SFL
Tour: Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Next day
Tour: Guadelupe Mountains National Park
Next day
T27 KAVQ 309.8nm 2:55 23.6gal ELP DMN SSO
KAVQ KSEE 301.4nm 2:51 22.6gal TFD GBN BZA IPL