philzSan Diego 2003


I wanted to learn to fly for quite a long time. Hopefully, someday I realized I can really afford this, so I spent April 2003 in San Diego, or more exactly in El Cajon, learning to fly small planes.

I did my course at Anglo-American Aviation, which company I could happily recomend to anyone wanting to learn flying - either JAA or FAA license. They are located in very convenient place on Gillespie Airport, which is very nice airport for learning. There are three runways, two parallel (9-27) and one (17-35), which was very handy for learning crosswind takeoffs and landings.

After getting my FAA PPL ticket at 55 hours, I made some trips in California. I landed on following airports - on some of them many, many times:

That was most pleasurable time. You can see low quality video of flight from KSEE to KRNM recorded from back seat.

I decided to do only FAA license, even that I'm living in JAA country. Reason for that is that I plan to fly mostly in USA anyway, taking advantage of quite frequent business visits to different cities in US. Additionally it's possible to do validation of license at Polish CAA, which essentially gives me all rights of JAA license holder, just limited to Poland. This process is relatively hassle free - just need to do local medical certificate, because FAA are "not good enough" for Europeans... :-/