philzLas Vegas 2005


In January 2005 we had a company event in Las Vegas, USA. Of course it would be very strange if I didn't try to merge it with some flying in free time.


I planned to rent C172 from West Air Aviation, but unfortunatelly it didn't really worked. First I wanted to do a checkout, but instructor though that weather is too bad for a checkout, so didn't came at all. Fortunately I found First Flight Aviation just over a corner, and we had GREAT flight in new fuel injected, 12 drains Skyhawk - I took "intro to instrument flying", and actually logged 1.5hr of actual instrument time. Super! This flight is marked as red on map. Unfortunately they require your own renter insurance, and I don't have one so I decided to try again at West Air later in the week.


After enjoying flying on Sunday I spent another few days attending conference.


Hopefully I managed to arrange another flying time in the week, this time taking two friends with me.

And this was second time I didn't manage to fly there, as winds were pretty strong and instructor refused to fly with me, as wind gusts sometimes approached max demonstrated crosswind component for C172. Hopefully First Flight came to rescue, and we had very pleasant flight together with 2 friends to Hoover Dam and back.

Here is movie from flight over Hoover Dam.


They got quick introduction to flying:


Flying activity:

  • 9 Jan: 1.7hr - introduction to actual IMC
  • 12 Jan: 0.9hr - trip to Hoover Dam
  • 12 Jan: 0.7hr - and flying back