philzNew York 2008


 This was a long break in flying. While I was travelling most of the time, destinations were not within US.  Net effect - no flying, except as an airline passenger.

As I came to work on a project, I didn't had much free time. That's why I decided it makes no sense to even bring all airplane flying gear. I arranged myself few helicopter flying lessons instead.

All photos come from first lesson, during which I actually flew around Manhattan. Not while taking pictures of course. There is also short video on YouTube.


Statue of Liberty:


South Manhattan:


Downtown Heliport:


East side of Manhattan:


LaGuardia Airport:


This is how Weschester Municipal Airport looks from above. On the next I'm standing next to helicopter.


Next weekend I had another two lessons. On first I learn hooverwork, and then we flew to small helipad on Hudson river. As it was close to Sing-Sing prison (just north of helipad), we had to take care not to fly over them. Check it here. They apparently don't like helicopters overflying, or emergency landing there. Myst have been fun watching me trying to hit this helipad.

Next day, as weather was much worse I tried hoovering and approaches and landings directly on the airport. At least one thing I know now. Impossible became possible: I can hoover that thing :-)

It seems I can even takeoff, but it looks kind of hopeless probably. Approaches were not that hard, but last few seconds are very hard. It seems that airplane flying habits get totally in the way how you handle helicoper controls... Kind of scary.